My name is Spencer Stroud. I am a recent grad from Georgia State University, living in and loving my city of Atlanta Georgia. Design has taught me so much more than just computer software and how to make a picture pretty, it has taught me a lot about the human brain, how to fill a space and the best way to do it. I feel that using my education, I have a fresh eye for great design in the real world. Personally, I have never considered myself an “artist,” I have never cared to hang up a painting on a wall at a museum, or have my photography in a book but I have always wanted to be the designer that is responsible for
rebranding an iconic brand.  As a designer, I prefer clean and simple. My dream is to get into sports design, hoping to work with different athletic clubs around this city, and around the globe!

 Design is my passion and my life, there is nothing else in this world I would rather do.